In these collages I focused on what I believed to be good and bad government.  When I think about government I also think about society as a whole, since government is for society as a whole.

My first collage I focused on what I believed to be bad government. When I think of bad government I think of events and things that have happened that have a negative impact on the government, the world, and society.  In this collage I included images like September 11th, the Gulf oil spill, microscopic images of disease, and images of different rulers and warriors that overtook other areas, such as Brad Pitt in Troy.  I also included images like Robin Hood which represented a man who was going against bad government to help the needs of the lesser man.

Bad Government

When thinking about good government, I tried to focus on positive things, events, and technology that has come about thanks to government funding and operation.  I included pictures of structured gatherings, and events that seemed to have order, which government should have.  I also included images of technology and programs that are always making discoveries such as NASA, and images of infrastructure from various countries.  One major theme of good government which I feel strongly about is the military and police.  I believe without them, without our government supporting them, that our country would be extremely vulnerable and not the super power we are today.  Yes, in a perfect world everyone would get a long and peace would prevail and there would be no need for a military, but we do not live in a perfect world, therefore the defense of our country is critical to our survival and strength of our government.

Good Government