Green Monkey Manifesto
MOTTO – Urban Escape: new persectives on classic intentions

Based on our earliest observations, the proposed design aims to break people from the strictly linear path leading from Warren Street to the Rutgers green. The starting point for our design is the underappreciated exterior space above and surrounding Smith Lecture Hall 220. Through continued research, we have noticed that the terraced lecture hall and mysterious space above are located right in the middle of a potential axis that remains unrealized until now. Enforcing this axial path between MLK Boulevard and Aidekman Hall will provide a degree of physical and visual connection that the site currently lacks. For our final design, we must consider the proposed Rutgers building on the corner of MLK and Warren as well as the potential of removing or relocating the power plant. Alterations to the western façade of Smith Hall at the second and third levels as well as interior modifications will accompany the new axis.

In consideration of the big campus picture, we aim to make this space more of a destination point. The current landscaping around Smith heightens the sense of disconnection between our site and the campus green. Our design proposes a series of grass and concrete terraces inspired by the concealed lecture hall tiers and the natural topography of the site. The natural terraces will attract students and pedestrians from the campus green as well as Warren Street, providing them with a more intimate environment for interaction. This space could also be used as an outdoor extension of the lecture space, thus serving professors and students of various fields of study. The current access path between the green and Warren Street will remain a powerful axis but it is to be complimented by narrow meandering desire line paths through the planters outside Smith and the terraces. Our design draws from the existing conditions of the site, natural topography as well as the rectilinear building forms, to create a very different sense of place and access than what currently exists.