The Key to the City is a piece of artwork that spreads throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City. The idea is that “the key to the city” is normally awarded to people who do heroic acts or special acts that are recognized by the city of New York; here the key is exchanged between 2 people for any reason they feel fit, and it allows everyday people to be a part of this special act normally given to heroes. I believe the idea is great in that it allows normal people to feel special and gives them a sense that they can do more than other New Yorker’s who don’t know about the exhibit. It allows users to experience various parts of the city and see the city at different scales, as a whole seeing all the different locations, but also as individual pieces of art that can be unlocked. The idea of being able to access areas that are usually private gives the user a special feeling and also allows them to experience the city in a way that most other people do not. A downside to this idea is that it does leave these areas open to vandalism for certain people who do not respect the art, but hopes that most people will respect the art and the artist. From the moment one stands on line for the key they become a part of the piece and each person really gets to experience the piece in a different way. It is a better experience then just looking at art in a museum, it allows the user to feel more part of the artwork and the artist’s ideas. Overall, I believe that this was a successful project and I look forward to going back over the next few months and visiting more of the sites to see what else can be unlocked.