Today we left the walls of Siena for another place that has a more transparent wall.  The wall is a cliff and water.  We left Siena to go to the beautiful island of Ischia which has steep topography that gives you incredible views from almost anywhere you are.

Traveling to Ischia is no easy task, we had to take a bus from Siena 3 hours to Rome, and a train from Rome and hour to Naples.  From the Naples train station we took a cab to the port where we had to take a ferry to the actual island.  From there we though it would be easy to reach our hotel, but we were wrong and took a 20 minute taxi to the bottom of a steep road that a taxi could not fit into; meaning we had to walk up the hill until we reached our hotel.  This walk gave incredible views of the ocean and beaches below and the hotel room looked far out over the island where you could see water and the peaks of the high mountains inland.

Since it took us so long to reach the island we spent a few hours on the beach and relaxed most of the day, it was nice to sit and do nothing after all the traveling we went through, and the mishap of forgetting my camera in the taxi.

The next day after checkout we spent a long time on the beach catching up to try to get some much needed color.  From the beach we made the trek back to the mainland of Naples where we stayed one more night in the center of the city.  This night was our “going out” night, where we had a few drinks in the room and roamed the streets seeing the city at night.  Not knowing where we were going and not having a specific destination in mind we wound up making one large loop just going where we felt and looking around having good conversation.  It was a good night, relaxing but with a lot of fun as well.

It was a good weekend and I would love to go back to the island of Ischia again and this time stay on the beach instead of inland.  Although the view from the hotel was incredible, the time was mostly spent on the beach which still had amazing views of the water and some incredibly expensive yachts!