What a weekend! I’m on my way back from Venice right now on the train and I cannot even describe how great of an experience I had.  The idea of an island with no cars and only boats is an incredible thing.  The island seemed so quiet and calm without the noise of cars or vespas flying around everywhere.  Our hotel room was absolutely incredible and it turned out that they booked our room so they moved us to this amazing apartment complete with its own kitchenette, living space with couch, and bedroom.

Our first night there we wandered the streets making our way to Piazza San Marco.  This piazza was amazing, and is a piazza that I have many times visited in one of my videogames at home, sounds lame but I thought it was cool how accurate everything in the game seemed to when I was actually there in real life.  The piazza was organized in a way that one part was completely closed off and another area opened up to the water and a spectacular view.

After visiting the piazza and a few other touristy sights we went to find a nice place to eat, which we did, and the tiramisu was incredible, being that Venice is known for having the best in all of Italy.

After dinner we went back to St. Marcs Piazza where myself and RJ fed pigeons for what seemed like hours.  It was more fun than I thought it would be.  Having small breadsticks crushed up in our hands, pigeons came in flocks and would land on our heads, arms, and shoulders, it was a great time.  In the same place I also got a chance to witness my first fashion show, there was a stage set up and many models walked the runway showing different designer clothes.  I thought it would be lame but I now have a new respect for fashion shows in that the music was great and in between designers they had small performances.

One of the most amazing things we did while in Venice was to take an infamous gondola ride.  We found an awesome tour guide who brought us through the Grand Canal and other side canals and told us stories of the history of the island, the typologies of the different homes, and even pointed out some summer homes of people like Bill Gates.  The gondola was my favorite part and such a relaxing way to travel through Venice with a bottle of wine and a friendly tour guide.

The next day we went to the island of Lido, a narrow island off the coast of Venice.  The beaches here were incredible and it was so relaxing to lie in the sand and finally be able to get a tan (or sunburn is more accurate).  Saturday was a very relaxing and worry free day where we got to frolic in the water and relax in the sand.

All in all my first real weekend away in Italy where I went out on my own was incredible and I don’t know how it can be topped.  Venice is such an incredible island and I would love to go back one day.