So I’m here sitting on a train on my first weekend away and I’m headed to Venice; and I thought what a great time to blog, or at least type up a blog to post later once I have internet.  So I’m here typing in Microsoft word, or Microsoft wordpress as we’ve been calling it and I’m admiring the view out the window of the train.

The past few days have been great, I’ve really had a chance to explore all over Siena, inside the walls and in some districts beyond as well.  In the past few days we’ve started having our lectures on the history of Italy, given by Peter Lang.  Many things I’ve learned have been quite interesting, and really knowing how long Rome was such a superpower, for close to 1000 years is really astonishing.  Our country has only been around for less than 300 years and we are a superpower, I can’t imagine where we would be if we were around for around 1000.

In the past few days we’ve also started our mapping project for Siena and finished up some final work for what we accomplished in the loony bin; check back soon for the blog post on that.  Thursday we went to the museum that sits next to the clock tower seen in pictures of older posts and saw some of the first medieval artwork produced in Siena, not to mention a spectacular view from the back terrace.

All in all, the past few days have been great and I’m loving this city and all it has to offer.  Its rich history and culture is fascinating and just imagining how citizens lived and worked long before my time is mind blowing.  The rich history of the Palio is something I cannot wait to experience and cheer on the contrada of my choosing.  From what I hear this event brings celebrities and important people from all over the world, anywhere from The Royal Family, to Fergie, so I’m looking forward to that experience that I’m sure I will never forget!  The comradeship and brotherhood amongst those in a contrada is something to be admired for sure, I found it fascinating that one could only be born into a contrada, and even during times of the Palio that husbands and wives who were born into different contradas would return to their home and not be with the other.  It shows how much honor these people have for their history and is something you do not see very often in the US anymore.